= Horn Type : Hyperbolic horn

= Cut off frequency : 900Hz

= Frequency range : 1200Hz to 20KHz

= Driver : 1in (2.5cm) throat. JBL-2425 or TAD-2001 or equivalent

= Size : W 433mm, H 145.4mm, D 276mm (inclu. 20mm adapter plate)

- Four fins are inside the horn

The response curve maintains very flat sound pressure level from 700Hz to 20KHz.

This horn with TAD 2001 or equivalent driver covers high frequency range in two way system. However, high frequency response depends upon the driver capability though TAD 2001 shows good response.

Recommended crossover frequency is 1,200Hz.

Intentionally vintage look was desire goal.

Many coats of high grade french furniture oil and wax was used.